Friday, April 25, 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt.

<this post is actually kinda promoting a game.. and promoting you to join me
and be my neighbor in coasterville>

its a little bit raining here... thought that it would be a bit disturbing
my wifi wave and cut the connection to my park, I tend to write this post..
in 'notepad' actually before I post this in my blog here.. hahahaha!

this is my current carrier now, since few months ago..
"A Manager and Designer of a virtual amusement park"
its not only a manager and designer I think... maybe few more title that
I hold on my shoulder.. bajet serious.. haha

so.. this is actually what im talking about: CoasterVille by Zynga

CoasterVille Logo

now.. let me tell you a little bit more about my park..

I named my park with some freaking name that I think its freaks and great.. yeah..
the first name of my park was actually "Land of Villian"
I dont know why maybe I was kinda attracted to that "villian" word..
and then I've changed the name to "VillianLand"
few moments later.. I figured out something freaks about the park, and thats freaking
things make me changed the name again and I used it till now..
it is "oo RideAndDie oo"

ride and die?? why?
haha.. well I'll show you why..

aren't these insane?
peoples ride the attraction and thrown away like no safety at all..
and vomits after the ride.. <-- this one might be a usual thing..

done with the background of the name..

okay! again_
this game is so interesting!
its start with only a carousel, a balloon cart, a goods emporium and Marty as the
only neighbor that you had, you gonna have to builds, invites, and gain more to
grow up your business.

this is how the game look like on the first day you/I play
this is my park now!! (level 36)

so... theres some quests that you have to do to unlock and gain more..
the quests are Fairyground, Fantasy, Frontier, Arabian, Jungle, Future and Beach.
each quests has its own landmark, attractions, businesses, decorations and MORE!


I like the custom rides in the games which more likely a roller coaster
and river cruise..... so far I had 3 types of custom rides in my park and of course
I would add more...

Costum Rides

the Fantasy and Frontier are seems like the main quests but you can go with yourself,
your own rule, your own desire to do which one first..
but.. every quests are actually seems attached, that if you are focusing on a quest,
make sure you do make a progression on another quests too.
for example.. I am focusing on Arabian quest.. yea I seems like want that quest to
finish first, besides it would ask for some stuff from fantasy and frontier..
so thats why I said that you should make a progression on others quests too..
even slowly.....

and now I am currently struggling to collect goods and hospitalities to finish
some construction for the quests.
hospitality is a bit difficult to find out.. because it can only collected from
hotels in several hours only.. first aid building, toilets or ask friends..

its kinda sucks actually if you play but you dont have any neighbor...
because they are important to help you gain, to ask for something,
to be your crew, to be your anything else and to be so much MORE!
"the more the neighbor you have in your neighborhood, the smoother the game
you play, the more easy you gain, and the more happy you are!"

trust me. I have 22 neighbor in my costerville neighborhood,
(include fb friends and community friends from nowhere) and my job become
slightly smoother.. hehehe ^_^

my neighbor!!! 

but.. yea.. the game had its own rule where you just can ask from your friends
once in 12 hours..
some times its bothering when you really in game mood
and you want to finish the quests.. and needs some stuff that you dont have at all
maybe it should only be given and sent by your friends...
and then you couldnt choose nothing except be patient and wait until you are
eligible to ask them again...
unless you got so many neighbor to help out..
specifically, an active neighbor...
I repeat.. an ACTIVE neighbor.

CoasterVille is the only one facebook games that I committed in playing the game
since I dont remember until now.
it's sort of addiction that I couldnt stop playing and idk why..

sooww... I thinks thats all..
I've gone blabbering too much here.. tho..
I hope you guys understand what Im tryin to say.. and sory if you dont.

to anyone out there that plays CoasterVille too..
dont forget to add me on facebook and invite me to join your neighborhood!

p/s: <this post is actually kinda promoting a game.. and promoting you to join me
and be my neighbor in coasterville>

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