Friday, June 5, 2015


Its been a long time I didn't post thing here, thought that I didn't have much time because I been working part-(all the)time at a lunch restaurat, Anjung Keli.

Instead of updating about mylife, (like what am i been doing this long holiday) I think I better come up with something else for readers haha.

Sooo... do u guys like catfish? (ikan keli)
Well well, I'm not a fan of it but somehow after been working with Anjung Keli, it's like a must have dish for me. So as we all know that catfish is good for women who just give birth their baby there actually a lot more benefit from it.

Benefits of catfish
  • low in calories and fats
  • contain healthy fatty acid  
  • provides complete protein
  • source of vitamin B-12
  • low in mercury
 By the way it is very delicious and tasty yummy yummy.


  1. makan jgk lah ikan keli tapi yang fried la..kalau tak memang tak makan..haha


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