Thursday, September 17, 2015

Alpaca Loki

Peace be upon you and Hii readers!

I'm so excited to post this!! hahahahahahahaha! Why? Because I successfully changed/edited my header and widget/gadget title. If only you guys realised it on my sidebar and on top there.

First thing, I go nuts for Alpaca.
Second, I been admiring Loki (one of the character in the Avenger/Thor movie cast by Tom Hiddlestone). So, for me to figure out this picture, an Alpaca Loki, would really drive me nuts to the level infinity!!!!!

The real pic I found in google. 

Thanks to whoever drawn and upload this to internet I would love to credit back but I don't know who you are. Huhuhu.

Update: That alpaca loki was uploaded by SEIZURE7 on tumbler.

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