Monday, September 14, 2015

Alpaca sticker.

Peace be upon you and Hello guys!!

Well it's  fine out there, not too sunny and no rain, just a bit cloudy with 29°C with the leaves rustling in the breeze. Here, in Arau, Perlis. I think the haze is not too bad here. People everywhere been talking about haze. Especially those who live in the city. Haze here. Haze there. Haze everywhere. So people who live in the haze area please wear mask and take care.

Today I went out. on morning Don't want to miss the chance to drive. Kinda excited because I just passed the JPJ test and got my driving license like five days ago. LOL! And yeah, I went alone. Told mom that I'm going to the supermarket but yes, I just took the long route tho. Very long. Drove myself to Simpang Empat first, then Kuala Perlis, Kangar, and finally back in Arau. Enjoying the moment kinda. Passed by the sea, not saying beach because there's no beach and sand, there just sea embankment.

Back to the main point, I went out just to find a long cardigan. I should bought two, unfortunately the other shop was not even open yet. So after bought the first one, I went to the stationary shop and get myself color pens or I like to call it 'magic ink' pen. I'm so excited!!! for the magic ink. Then, I made my way up to the supermarket. Get my fav cookies, and some mini ice creams for my mom and home actually for me too, and then this is the actual exciting part I found Alpaca sticker!! I get so EXCITED! Why? Because it's rare! Like, not many people know Alpaca, they only know Llama or sheep or goat whatever. Seriously, it was like a one in a millions sticker that I found. LOLOLOLOL!! So I bought it. two actually.

so called 'magic ink'

Alpaca stickers!!!

After all of the things happened above that, I get home and lunch.
The End.

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