Sunday, September 27, 2015

Eid in The Carnival Water Park

Peace be upon and Hi readers!

It is actually afternoon with light rain here, but in my room it is like 7pm already. I did pull my curtains but no sun outside, guess that's why it look like dusk already. Yawnnnn

On last Friday (second day of Eid), me and another three friends went to The Carnival Water Park in Sungai Petani. To be honest, its been a loooooong time I didn't play in water. Guess the last time was like five years ago. *huhuhu*

I wished to go to any water park. I jut want to play in the water. So I planned for this few days before the Eid. I felt very happy when my friends said "yes, they'll be joining me on that day". What a wish that will come true.

I drove four of us to The Carnival. And somehow I forgot that Friday is weekend in Kedah. So yeah, we got to pay for the weekends entrance price which is RM30 for adult. (The weekdays price is RM18 for adult on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The Carnival is closed on Wednesday.) I guess RM30 is kinda too much when there are nothing at all you can do. Lol. I mean they just have like four water rides and not enough floats. There's no place to get or rent a float. It was like you got to take it away from other people lol lol lol. Like steal it lol. Those four water rides are okay. But still could not challenge me. Yeah, okay I admit there's one breath taking blue water ride, (I don't remember what its name... river what....) and the other three just okay. It's okay for people who just want to relax and lay down on their float while sliding. The water there was not so clean. Maybe its because there are lots of tree around and those leaves and dust from the tree fall into the water. I can say that the kids area got cleaner water. After three hour of fun, we clean up ourselves and went home.

Guess now I will make a water park wishlist. Even though I've been to Bukit Merah Laketown Water Park and The Lost World of Tambun, I want to be there again! And next to Sunway Lagoon too.


  1. Good luck! May you get a chance to go to other water parks too :)

    1. Amin! Need to start saving from now :D


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