Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Sims FreePlay: Easter Rewards!!

Peace be upon you and Hello guys!

So after almost a week I been looking for Easter eggs finally I manage to get all on time!!! And now its the time to show you what I got. *feels like opening a wrapped gift*

Limited time prize: Bunny Onesies for adult and toddler Sims!

Toddler Bunny Onesies

Adult Woman Bunny Onesies

Adult Man Bunny Onesies

Goals rewards: Pajamas!

Senior Easter Pajamas

Adult Easter Pajamas

Preteen Easter Pajamas

Teen Easter Pajamas. *Too bad I don't have teen girl in my town atm*

Okay. So I might update this post when I have a teen girl in my town for the teen's pajamas part.

Well to all Simmers out there, feel free to add me on facebook (Nor Aniqah Ismail) and we can be neighbor and play together!!

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