Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Sims FreePlay: Easter Update

Peace be upon you and Hello guys!

So today I thought it will be really good to share about the new update of The Sims FreePlay game since its out today! Let's watch the trailer by The FireMonkeys first.

In this Easter update, there is a new quest which is 'The Chocolate Egg Chase' which is happening now until the next 7 days.

And not to forget that there are rewards!!! To those who complete this quest within the time limit will get their adult and toddler Sims to hop around in absolutely adorable Bunny Onesies and complete the few goals to get comfortable pajamas for the adult Sims.

Well guys, I better get back to my game and finish the quest so I can claim those rewards and share it to you!!! tataaa

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