Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I bake my own birthday cake.

Peace be upon you and hello guys!

Last week, on my birthday evening I decided to go out and bought some ingredients to bake a cake for my birthday. I bought instant flour for chocolate moist cake, and some other ingredients for it such as buttercup, chocolate emulco, and eggs.

I got all these stuff at YongHin store. When I picked the flour, there's a piece of paper on it written how to bake it and what's needed. I swear that was my first time in my live I seen the word chocolate emulco. what a lame me. I didn't know what is it. I been guessing and I thought it was the cooking chocolate. I been wandering around the shop and then I came across a woman. I do have instinct to ask her but I am too shy. herherrher. So, I stand not too far from her and was staring. She was picking some vanilla essence and there some food coloring too. Thank god that then my inspire bulb lighted up and I walk closer to her. It's disappointing that figured out that there were non of the Star brand chocolate coloring left. What a bummer. I thought it ends there. But finally I saw what I was looking for! The chocolate emulco!! Well... I'm pretty sure its actually the same thing as vanilla essence, but it was packed in another bottle that I barely recognize it. Still, I feel sorry and bad for myself. haha

So, when all the ingredients are there, I paid for it and drive home, and start to bake. *baking baking baking* Done! Unfortunately, I didn't bought cooking chocolate for the topping of my cake. I started to feel bad again. I tried to look for anything useful in the fridge. I found a cooking chocolate bar. But its already expired on Sept 2015. hahaha. I continue digging the fridge until I found a bar of cadbury chocolate mousse. I didn't think twice. I believe it's going to be so delicious because I put cadbury on it but it might be tooo sweet.

I'm going to let the pics talk for u, bcs Im running out of what to write haha.

Part of the ingredients.
About to stir.
Semi final look.
Final look.
YUMMY! My Chocolate mousse moist cake.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

My 20th Birthday

Peace be upon you and hello guys!!!

Yesterday (it wasn't even 12am yet), I got home from work and my family had a surprise for me and then we had a little eating. I was actually full after that and barely sleep that night so I texted my bae and played truth or dare with him. lol.

I'll get a lot of friends wishing on whatsapp groups, personal, fb, twitter and all. I honestly feel awkward and don't know how to react at first. Should I be like "Oh thanks, love u all too" or "Yayy!" or "*shy face*" or idk.... hahahahahaha. I tried to relate and think about how they react before. I couldn't. hahaha

And now, I feel like wishing myself with some cute pic I just googled it:

Btw!! I won one of the Giveaway Blogger Utara prizes! I won the product/blog review, and I cant wait to see what Cik En would write about Idiosyncrasy Mine! XD XD XD '

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