November the 25th, 2010. 14:26. Idiosyncrasy Mine was born.

In all fairness, I never intended to take this blog seriously at all. In some ways, I am trying to, actually. I didn't want to blog for any other reason than to fill some free time that I have. You ask me what this blog is about all I can say is, "freaking story". I really don't know. It's might look like a diary or writing battle or whatsoever. My random thought in mind, whatever I want to write or share.

So, that is pretty much the summary of my blog and how it came to be. Nothing special or inspirational, or maybe there some. So, if you were expecting a freaking story with tons of evil thoughts and nonsense things, it might exist here. That's just normal, or incorrect.

Here is an alpaca though, to quench your virtual desires:

Sexy stuff.

Now for me. A section that will probably end up shorter than the epic tale behind the actual blog.

You can call me Niqqy for short. Simply put, I was a TESL foundation student but now I'm in the build environment, majoring in Interior Design with a talent to blow a clarinet. I never and have no pet but I wish to own an Alpaca. I like musics that make me wants to dance and move my butt. My bae is in NJ. My life really is this exciting. I go nuts for milo and nuggets! and hate being force to eat rice. And I am also a HBP, "Hantu Balik Pagi". XD


And I really really really want to travel the world!!!!

p/s: special credit to Joanne :)

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